Company Profile

Dalmasson Pietro is a mechanical company operating since 1995 and specialized in deep hole drilling of pipe plates, diaphragms and flanges to be used in the manufacture of tube heat exchangers. In the course of time we have evolved our working methods, we have endowed ourselves with the most adequate tools and machines, in particular in relation to deep drilling.


The company, located in Pavia di Udine, in the industrial area “Zona Industriale Udinese” (ZIU), has got a workshop of 2000 m2 and has got the capacity to manoeuvre and equip machines with components of about 35 tonnes of weight.

Our working methods support us, starting from the technical drawings supplied by our clients, in organising each single working phase with careful detail:

• Improved system in manoeuvring components within the workshop;
• Working performed following the inner properties of the worked materials;
• Programming in CAD/CAM environment with initial study of the components fixture mounting and of each working process of drilling/milling;
• Dimensional checks during the working processes and at the end of each process;