Working Capacity

Our technical office is equipped with CAD software in order to be able to efficiently cooperate with the client.
Machine programming is performed in CAD/CAM environments in order to improve the tool path, to provide realistic working timing and, together with tests and checks carried out by specialized technicians, to avoid any possible clash or non compliance during the working phases.

From the process of core machining such as drilling and milling, to complementary activities (tube flaring, grooving, etc.) precise dimensional checks are continuously carried out to verify the compliance of the machining with the specific tolerance units provided by the client, careful go no-go pads, three-anvil head bore micrometres with counterpart rings. Upon the client’s request a testing report of the finished pieces may be provided.

Parts that are being worked, following our quality standards, are machined in anti-contamination environments, both while being machine fixture-mounted (during each single operation), and through checks with mineral oil or emulsions used during the machining

Upon arrival, as well as while waiting for being picked up by the client, the elements are stored and put in confinement divided order by order.