Type of working we regularly carry out following the client’s technical specifications:

* BTA system pipe plates drilling, up to 700mm maximum thickness
    - Max Ø for 32 mm double drill heads synchronic drilling
    - Max Ø for 45 mm single drill head drilling;

* Tapped dead hole drilling, following the drawing specifications;

* Edge hole drilling, both on pipe plates and flanges;

* Tube flaring, both radial and non-radial, following the drawing specifications;

* Making of hole internal grooves designed for tube expansion;

* Milling of grooves radiated with turning, following the drawing specifications;

* Diaphragm drilling and tube flaring (upon request also marking for their position identification);

* Diaphragm pack preparation, ready for turning and milling;

* Internal inspection check to verify drilling layout conformity, both on pipe plates and related diaphragms;